2019 KB Performance Horses Summer Camps

KB Performance Horses is proud to offer  horseback riding summer camp for all levels and ages of horse enthusiasts. After campers first learn safety, they learn about every aspect of horses. Campers learn to properly groom, tack horses and ride all and much more through fun engaging activities. We ask that each camper wear boots and jeans, wears sunscreen, brings water and a packed lunch. Signing up online is easy!

Summer Camp Dates: 

July 15-19 9am-12pm 

August 5-9 9am-12pm

Ages 5 and over 

Cost $400 per week 

-Activities include but are not limited to:

•Painting the horses to learn about parts of the horses

•Learning parts of the tack through study guides and stickers

•Learning to ride through fun games such as red light green light. For more advanced riders, advancing their horsemanship through tasks such as pattern work

•Arts and crafts involving horse topic 

•Bathing horses

•Learning grooming tools through study guides and stickers 

•Study and testing material 

•Behind the scenes everyday horse care maintenance 

•Learn about horse nutrition and feed through fun activities

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