2019 KB Performance Horses 2 Day Desensitization Clinic


Saturday February 23rd, 2019 10am-1pm

Sunday February 24th, 2019 10am-1pm

*For Clients Hauling In, We Will Have The Doors Open No Earlier Than 9am (Please Call Us For Drop Off/Parking Instructions) (949)292-6599

Cost: *$450 For Both Days *$25 Spectator Fee Per Day *$50 Per Day To Borrow A Horse If You Do Not Have Your Own

*Bring a friend who brings their own horse and get $50 off the clinic. Bring a spectator friend and get $10 off!

*You Can Easily Sign Up Online!!

KB Performance Horses is proud to present our February 2019 Desensitization clinic. Come join our 2 day clinic where we introduce new stimuli overtime in a safe and strategic manner that lesson the overall fight or flight reaction of the equine. For this particular clinic, we will desensitize our equines to sound, sight and touch stimuli that often elicit fight or flight responses, and turn them into comfortable events. We will be working with some everyday normal stimuli that can be seen at the barn, or out on the trails. Lunch and water will be provided

Some stimuli we will work with is includes but is not limited to:

*Trail Bridge

*Quad/Four Wheeler


*Music And Other Noises

*Leaf Blower


*Big Ball

*Hula Hoops





*Pool Noodles

*Sand Bags

*We Also Will Be Accepting Some Recommendations